Short Story “The Big Book of Answers” at Poplorish

Last month, Old Growth Northwest published a story of mine, “The Big Book of Answers,” for the inaugural issue of their literary magazine Poplorish. The issue is available for download as a PDF here.

OGNW is a newish literary organization based out Seattle, Washington. I highly recommend those of you in the city and the surrounding area to come to one of their readings or attend one of their free writer’s workshops. Why? Because when was the last time you ever received writing advice at that cost?


An actual paragraph by Cyril Connolly

Ancestor, my old incarnation, O Palinurus Vulgaris, the Venetian red crawfish, langouste, or rock-lobster, whether feeding on the spumy Mauretanian Banks, or undulating– southward to Teneriffe, northward to Sicily– in the systole and diastole of the wave: free me from guilt and fear, free me from guilt and fear, dapple-plated scavenger of the resounding sea!

from The Unquiet Grave

E.M. Forester on the Prophetic in Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky’s characters ask us to share something deeper than their experiences. They convey to us a sensation that is partially physical– the sensation of sinking into a translucent globe and seeing our experience floating far above us on it’s surface, tiny, remote, yet ours.

E.M. Forester from Aspects of the Novel