OOIOO Returns with Gamel

OOIOO has just released Gamel, the 7th album by this longstanding Japanese art rock band. As the title suggests, Indonesian music provided much of the inspiration for this recent set of songs. You can hear the resonant tones of Gamelan bells throughout “Atatawa” and “Jesso Testa”

Back in 2009, I reviewed their last album Amorica Hewa, another stellar collection of songs informed by a wide variety of Asian and African folk music styles.

Right now, the band is in the midst of a small US-Canadian tour. Those in the Northeast and Midwest should make the effort to see them. OOIOO ranks among the most captivating and technically proficient live acts ever I’ve seen. They possess an uncanny ability to translate the intricate, layered recorded versions of their songs onto the stage with astonishing fidelity.

Band leader Yoshimi P-We began her career as a drummer for Boredoms in the 1980s. Her skills as a percussionist and trumpet player led that band’s transition from noise rock provocateurs to their current configuration as a kind of transcendental drum-circle art happening.

Most Americans know of her as the inspiration behind the Flaming Lips song and album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots—not a bad example of one artist tipping their hat to another, but one since become a cliché in reviews of her work with Boredoms, OOIOO and many others.

A current interview with Yoshimi can be read at Impose Magazine


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