Aetheric Vehicle, An Interview with Matmos

A few months ago, I talked with Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt of Matmos on the occasion of their 9th full-length album, The Marriage of True Minds. Since 1995, the group has carved out a singular and eclectic career path. Their music ranges from  industrial soundscapes to electronic dance pop, musique concrete,  heavy metal, and numerous other genres and subgenres, sometimes within the space of a single song.

With their emphasis on process and experimentation, Matmos has gained a reputation for being outré conceptualists. While somewhat reductive, The Marriage of Two Minds certainly does not disabuse the listener of that notion. The material for the album was generated by a series of experiments in which Drew Daniel attempted to telepathically communicate lyrics and other musical ideas to series of volunteers in isolation chambers. You can read more about it here.


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